"Brothers Martin and Adam Dimpker may hail from Hulta in Småland, Sweden, but they’ve conducted themselves like members of the Nashville music elite- they’ve toured, a whole damn lot. (…) The relentless touring is probably one of the reasons they sound better than many of their musical equivalents. (…) Another reason for their beautiful sound is likely the fact (…) that they excel in embracing foreign genres of music, in this case Americana. (…) They’re expression is meticulously elaborated with craftsmanship that leaves nothing to be desired” - Smålands Country Club

”Everything from the acoustic balance to the great harmonies stand out. The phrasing reminds me of the great Jason Isbell. (…) The overall composition feels like a blend of elements of classic rock and contemporary Americana; it’s easy to hear why this is a sound that we’re happy to support. These guys write with conviction and sincerity.” - Ear To The Ground Music

The emotional rawness in their lyrics and vocal delivery is palpable, and their brotherly dynamic is something special. They balance both harmonizing vocals and pairing of electric and acoustic guitar, creating a minimalist yet endearing indie sound. Keeping true to their heritage, the brothers incorporate traditional Scandinavian harmonies and sounds blended with Americana and folk. - Music Mecca

In the market for a guitar slingin', harmony singin', prizewinnin' country/folk duo from Sweden?

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